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Signs You Need New Gutters

New Gutters

If Your Current System Shows Signs of Decay, You May Need New Gutters.

Your home’s gutters provide an indispensable service for the protection of your property. Without them, rainfall would pool on your roof or collect along your foundation. If the former, you can expect the development of problematic leaks. Water along your foundation can cause major problems, including cracks and the destabilization of your home.

You can avoid both these consequences with regular maintenance of your gutters. If your system has become heavily damaged or otherwise compromised, make sure you schedule installation for new gutters. Pay attention to the following signs, and call a trusted contractor for service.

Cracks and Damage

When you clean your gutters, make sure to check for cracks, splits, or other signs of damage. The presence of cracks means that your gutter cannot adequately transport water. Cracks will also worsen over time to create major leaks. If you notice larger cracks, make sure to call for service.

Rust and Peeling Paint

These signs indicate old age and your gutters’ vulnerability to environmental damage. Galvanized gutters will lose their protective coatings over the years, while painted gutters will begin to peel. Both of these showcase gutters with inadequate protection from the elements. As the gutters deteriorate further, you will find yourself confronted with the immediate necessity of replacement.

Sagging Gutters

Gutters that have collected too much debris will occasionally sag or become entirely separated from the house. This indicates gutters that have served for as long as they can. Sagging gutters simply cannot collect water, so you will also likely find evidence of pools or mildew along your foundation.

For help with new gutters in , TX, call __PHONE__ for the local experts at Trustworthy Service Company. We provide unbeatable service for the repair and installation of quality gutter systems.

Three Obvious Reasons to Schedule Pressure Washing

Pressure Washing a Tile Roof

Imagine the Transformation Your House Could See With a Thorough Pressure Washing!

Have you ever considered pressure washing for your home? Many homeowners want to restore that new-house aesthetic for their property but are afraid the process will cost thousands of dollars. With pressure washing however, homeowners have an opportunity to renew their home’s appearance without breaking the bank. Here are three clear-cut reasons you should think about scheduling a pressure washing.

Reason #1: Restoring the Shine

Have you ever seen the before and after pictures of a living room after it’s been cleaned? Now imagine that change for the exterior of your home, but with three times the transformation. Your roof, your home’s siding, or your walkways could be hours away from an incredible new shine. If your home has started to fade from buildup, consider reaching out to the cleaning experts.

Reason #2: Removing the Grime

Mold, mildew and algae aren’t supposed to grow there! Leaving these hazards alone for too long can expose your family to potential allergen and respiratory problems. These nasty growths can be avoided or removed from your home with a simple pressure washing.

Reason #3: Delaying Your Replacements

Saving money is a time-honored tradition. Instead of spending thousands of dollars replacing your siding or roofing, why not see if a pressure washing could restore them instead? You could extend the lifetime of your home’s exterior for years, and put away some money for your next home renovation.

Pressure washing is an easy process that could save you time and money. If you’d like more information about the washing procedure, you can chat with one of our experts at__PHONE__.

When Is It Time For A New Fence?


Your Fence Can Become Damaged Over Time, Requiring Replacement.

While you may not expect it, sometimes fences require repair and even replacement. These systems act as a partition for your property and protection from trespassers, so the thought of them wearing or becoming damaged can be worrisome. Keeping an eye out for specific signs can let you know when it is time for a new system. If you see any of the following, our contractors can help you with a replacement!

Signs You Need A New Fence

Cracked Or Damaged Areas – Your fence can be damaged by many different things over time. Insects can burrow into the materials, leaving holes and weakened areas. The material could crack and split over time. Depending on the extensiveness of the damage, you may be able to have just the boards or need to have an entire section replaced.

Wood Rot Along Boards – This can appear as strange staining or just a deteriorated appearance. It can happen even if your fence has been treated to resist the effects of weather and water. When you notice this, it is important to have the boards replaced or even install a new system to prevent the spread of rot and even mold.

Leaning and Sagging Areas – Your fence could be leaning or sagging for a few reasons. It could be that the materials have worn and become weakened from years of service. Over time, rain and storms may also chip away at its stability, leading it to begin falling. If this happens, a contractor can replace your fence to give you that quality partitioned protection you need.

Trustworthy Service Company provides you with expert service for your fence repair and installation in Austin, TX. We are your local home repair source. Call us for your service needs at (512) 969-8281!

3 Benefits of Exterior Painting

Worker Completing Exterior Painting

Keeping Up With Your Exterior Painting Can Protect Your Home From Damage.

If you want to protect your home from serious damage, it is very important to maintain all the exterior elements of your home. This includes both your roof and your siding materials. One way to maintain your siding materials is to give them a fresh coat of paint every few years. Unfortunately, painting the outside of your home can be time consuming and dangerous. If you are looking for someone to hire for your exterior painting needs, contact the office of Trustworthy Service Company.

Why Exterior Painting is Important

Painting the outside of your home can definitely make your home look better, but that’s not the only reason why you should consider applying a new coat to your siding. Here are some other reasons you should hire our staff to for your exterior painting.

It Prevents Termite Damage
Siding materials made from wood are susceptible to damage from termites if left untreated. Painting your siding seals up any weak or exposed areas where termites or other bugs might find entrance into your home.

It Protects Against the Weather
Your siding elements can be damaged by the UV rays from the sun as well as driving rain. Applying a fresh coat of paint can prevent water damage and certain paints are designed to prevent the UV rays from penetrating your home’s siding.

It Improves Your Curb Appeal
Painting the outside of your home can increase the curb appeal and property value of your home. This is a huge benefit if you are planning on selling your home in the next few years.

If you are looking to hire a home repair company for your exterior painting needs in Austin, TX, call our staff at (512) 969-8281.

Why You Need a Handyman

We’ve all had times where we need to get a ton of things done and you just don’t have the time. Or maybe the list is of things you cannot do yourself. Hiring a handyman to come out and bust out the projects for you is an easy way to get everything you need done and still have time for yourself. There are so many reasons that a handyman would help in your life.

A few Easy Reasons


More Time For Yourself – If you are so busy constantly doing projects and marking items off your list, when do you have time for yourself or things you want to do? By having someone do them for you, it will free up time to go play golf, sleep in, get a massage, whatever you want to do.

Stop Nagging each other to get things done – We mean this in a very general way. We have seen this happen of both sides of the spectrum but either way, it can be frustrating. Sometimes there are things you just can’t do yourself or maybe you don’t have the help. Hiring a handyman will help check off some or all of those honey-do items that have been waiting to be done for who knows how long.

No Knowledge – Maybe there is a project that you physically cannot do or maybe you just don’t want to. We can do it for you and you can be confident that we know exactly what we are doing.

If you need help around the house, give Trustworthy Service Company a call at (512) 969-8281, today.

Renew Your Home Landscaping

The winter weather of the holiday season can wreak havoc on your yard and landscaping. When the new year arrives and the weather becomes milder, it’s time to start thinking about making your landscape look as it once did. In fact, it’s a great time to renew your home landscaping and make some changes to keep it beautiful throughout the year.

Yard Lights at Night

Renew Your Home Landscaping

Call a Landscape Designer

Sometimes, you need the help of someone who specialized in lawn care. While you may just want to revive your current design, why not consider a new one? Perhaps there are elements of your landscaping that could use improvement because they didn’t perform as well during the previous year. A landscape designer can help you figure out better plants to last through the seasons, layouts for better drainage, and much more.

Consider Lawn Alternatives

Green, thriving lawns are beautiful things. They are also a lot of work and need a lot of water. Have you ever considered a lawn alternative? Artificial turf is not the tacky thing people once thought it was; it has evolved over the years. With it, you reduce water use, allergens, yard work, and more. It’s not for everyone, but it’s worth considering for some. If it’s not for you, then you might look into grass that needs less water if you want to conserve water and the energy it takes to work on your lawn.

These are just a couple of ways to renew your home landscaping. At Trustworthy Service Company, we handle home improvement, and that includes landscape design services. Call us today at (512) 969-8281 for these services in Austin, TX.

Saving On Energy Bills With Updated Weather Stripping

old weather stripping

Old Weather Stripping Doesn’t Protect Your Home From Drafts!

Welcome to December! Now is the time where chilly winds finally coerce us to turn on our dusty heaters and start avoiding the outdoors unless we see a hint of snow. While staying warm and cozy inside is one of the best feelings, the energy bill to maintain that toasty temperature isn’t always so fun to see. There are many ways that you can keep the temperatures in your home cozy without breaking the bank, but today we will focus specifically on weather stripping.

Weather stripping should keep drafts from coming in through your doors and windows. Most doors and windows are already fitted with weather stripping when they are originally installed, but it doesn’t last forever! If you feel any drafts through our doors or windows, your weather stripping needs to be replaced sooner rather than later. We offer affordable weather stripping repair services, to ensure all of your windows and doors are air tight and reliable.

If you aren’t sure if your weather stripping needs to be replaced, there are a few different tests you can conduct to determine if you need to replace it. First, look directly at it! Is it thin, peeling, flaking, or flat? If so, it is likely too aged to do much good, and should be replaced. Another test involves two people. You stand on one side of the door, and have a friend stand on the other side of the door with a flashlight and shines it along the edges of the door. If you can see the light from the other side of the door, the weather stripping needs to be replaced.

Call us today at (512) 969-8281 to get started!

How To Keep Your Pipes From Freezing This Winter

Frozen Pipes

Check Out These Tips To Prevent Frozen Pipes This Year!

With Winter approaching, kind of, Texans are slowly preparing for potential freezes. Since the weather here can be so unpredictable, however, it is a god idea to know what to do if the days suddenly get much cooler than you expected. Frozen pipes are a big concern during winter freezes, since frozen water within the pipes can expand and cause your pipes to burst. This can result in plenty of unpleasant damages and costly repairs. Today, we will discuss a few easy and effective ways you can prevent your pipes from freezing over in the first play.

Insulate Your Pipes

First and foremost, it is a great idea to invest in some pipe insulation, Your local hardware store should have a few options for you, including foam domes you can place over outdoor fixtures, as well as foam sleeves you can wrap around exposed pipes. Keeping the cold air off of your plumbing should always be your first line of defense.

Leave The Water Running

Next, the night of a freeze, be sure to leave your faucets slowly dripping indoors. This prevents the build up of water pressure, and keeps the water in your pipes moving, Moving water is much less susceptible to freezing in the pipes.

Keep Your Indoor Pipes Warm

Also be sure to open up the cabinet doors that may be covering your indoor pipes, such as the cabinet under the kitchen sink. By opening those doors, you’re allowing the warm air in the home to take care of your pipes, as well as yourself!

All of these tips are easy ways to prevent frozen pipes. However, accidents happen, so if you find yourself in need of plumbing repairs due to damaged pipes, please don’t hesitate to give our team a call at (512) 969-8281 for fast and affordable service in Austin, TX!

Signs You Require Window Replacement

Window Inspection

Contractor Inspects Windows in Residential Home

As homeowners in Austin, TX, windows are sometimes the last thing on our repair and replace list. After all, they are long lasting in most cases, and with regular maintenance tend not to display obvious symptoms of damage. Still, there comes a time where your windows have hit the end of the road and Trustworthy Service Company Is here for your window replacement needs.. How do you know when that time comes? Be on the lookout for these signs that you require window replacement:

Draft in Home

Unless you accidentally left a window cracked open, you should not be feeling a draft indoors. Not only is this an annoyance, but it can cause your heating or cooling bills to increase. Even with minor drafts, your HVAC system is forced to work harder than usual. Though several YouTube videos are available for DIY solutions, their effectiveness is usually temporary.

Frame Decay

Sometimes the most apparent sign of a damaged window is visual. Check your window frames for chipping, softening, molding, and any other clear sign of decay. If these symptoms are glaring, it is time to invest in window replacement services. Not only will it improve the usability of your windows, but it will enhance the aesthetic display of your home.

Stuck Windows

If you can’t open or close a window, it is a clear indication that your structures are outdated. With many older windows, balance becomes a problem as they age. Additionally, rust and and rotted material can cause the siding to stick. The best course of action would be to upgrade your windows to a more modern material, where you will not have to worry about these issues. Call (512) 969-8281 for window replacement in Austin, TX.

What to Consider When Remodeling Your Kitchen

While kitchen remodeling can be exciting, it can also be overwhelming. There are many decisions to be made such as appliance replacement, color scheme, fixture and counter remodel, and flooring options. Taking your remodel step by step will help you get a good picture of exactly how you want your finished project to look.

Kitchen Remodel Services by Trustworthy Service CompanyBudget

The most important element of your remodel is the budget you have to work with. This is going to decide exactly what work you have done, the extent of the work, and the material that is used. When considering your budget, it’s a good idea to research material and labor costs of the different projects you are considering and make a list of the tasks you want to be completed in order of importance.


Once you have zeroed in on the actual projects you want to complete through your budget, research the materials and fixtures you want to use to help you achieve the look you want. Your project manager can help you decide on the specifics by offering product knowledge, cost information, and even efficiency of the product.


You have hired your contractor, figured your budget, and decided what work you want to be accomplished. The final step is to iron out the details. This is the time for finishing touches such as paint color and texture and trim selection. Your kitchen is ideal for the addition of amenities like water filtration or smart lighting that can be added easily during a remodel. Discuss details with you contractor early to avoid miscommunication, timeline surprises, and material waste.

Your remodeling project doesn’t have to be stressful. Taking your job one step at a time can help eliminate headaches and unscheduled changes for both you and your contractor. When you are considering kitchen remodeling in Austin, TX, call the specialists at Trustworthy Service Company to ensure your job is done right.