What’s Causing Your Pipes To Leak?


Leaky pipes can be a headache for any homeowner. And if they aren’t fixed earlier on, they can turn into a more costly and damaging headache. But what causes your plumbing to leak?

  • Changes in Temperature – There’s always water running through your pipes, both hot and cold. Those constant temperature changes can lead to cracks and even burst pipes. In the winter, cold temperatures cause your pipes to contract, when water flows through them, they then expand. This constant fluctuation also causes cracks and crevices to form leading to leaks.
  • Clogs – This is a problem that you can’t really avoid in any household. When something gets into your drain that doesn’t belong, such as excess toilet paper, pieces of clothing, etc. a clog is inevitable. So if you’re noticing that your sink or toilets are draining slower than normal you could have a clog. If this is overlooked, you can end up with leaks throughout your plumbing system which can spell out major damage for your home.
  • Shifting – Over the years, it’s natural for your home to shift. This causes the joints of your plumbing to loosen or even separate entirely which results in leaks. It could be a few drops here and there, but over time, it can cause major damage to your home and significantly increase your water bill.

So if you suspect that you have a leaky pipe or you would like to schedule an inspection, make sure that you call the handymen at Trustworthy Service Company. We’ll come to your home to do a full inspection, provide you with a thorough assessment, and discuss solutions you have available. Call (512) 969-8281 today.