How To Choose The Best Countertops

There are many factors to consider when installing new countertops in your home. Budget, material, style, and color all play important roles. Here are a few tips to help you choose the best countertops for your kitchen or bathroom.


Are you replacing the countertops in your kitchen or bathroom? Certain materials are better suited to the bathroom than the kitchen and vice versa. Marble, for example, tends to stain easily and can become easily discolored in a kitchen. You should also steer clear of certain natural stone in your bathroom, as it can become very slick when wet.


Obviously, budget is a major deciding factor when choosing new countertops. Laminate and tile are the most affordable options, while authentic granite and some other natural stones are top of the line. If you like the look of granite but want something more affordable than a slab, consider granite tiles or a quartz lookalike.


Unfortunately, just because you like the look of a certain countertop doesn’t mean you should install it. Keep in mind where the countertops are going and what you’ll have on them. Is it important to you that they be porous or nonporous? Is there a chance you’ll be spilling foods or liquids on them? Granite is extremely hard and resists scratches, for example, while laminate can be easily damaged.

Style And Color

Of course, looks matter too! If you want a dramatic countertop that makes a statement, granite is a great option. Looking for something more subtle but still beautiful? Consider natural stone or even concrete, which can be styled in many different days. Do you prefer a modern style or want something more traditional? There are endless options, so choose carefully!

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