Weather Stripping Replacement

Weather Strip

Make Sure Your Home Isn’t Susceptible to Drafts from Doors and Windows by Letting Us Install your Weather Strip in Austin, TX

Regardless if you’re trying to keep the cold air out, warm air in, or the other way around, weather stripping is a key component in different areas around you home. If you think that you need weather stripping replacement in Austin, TX, call (512) 969-8281. The pros at Trustworthy Service Company is here to serve.

Weather stripping your home seals air leaks around moving parts of your home, such as windows and doors. Before replacing any type of stripping, it is important that you evaluate the ventilation needs of your home and find any air leaks. This will ensure that you maintain good air quality inside of your home.

Weather Strip Tips

You should choose weather stripping that has a good resistance to friction and changes in temperatures. For instance, weather stripping that is on the bottom of a door can potentially be dragged across the carpet or deteriorate from constant foot traffic. The weather stripping that you decide on should effectively seal the window or door when it is closed without affecting the way it functions.

Not sure if you have weather stripping around your doors or windows? There are a couple of ways to determine if you do or not.

  • Have a friend stand on the opposite side of the door from you with a flashlight. Close the door and have them shine the flashlight around the edges of the door. If you can see the light shining anywhere around the perimeter, this is an indication that your weather stripping needs to be replaced.
  • Stand on the locked side of the door with a dollar bill in hand. If you’re able to slide the bill through the door and the doorjamb, you likely need new weather stripping.

If you still aren’t sure, give us a call. One of our specialists will come out to your home and help you figure out what exactly is going on with your weather stripping on.

Damaged weather stripping, or the lack thereof, may seem small but can become pretty significant over time if not replaced. So call Trustworthy Service Company for your weather stripping repair in Austin, TX. Reach us at (512) 969-8281.