Spring has Sprung! How to Deal with Cedar Season in Austin, TX

Learn to Deal with Cedar Season with Tips from Trustworthy Service Company in Austin, TXIf you’ve been experiencing itchy eyes, a running nose, and endless sneezing you’re aware that Cedar season is here. If you live in or around Austin, TX you’ve probably been experiencing some dread as springtime peeks around the corner. This winter has been one of our mildest on record, and local news reports that could mean one of our worst Cedar seasons yet. Read on to learn how you can have an easier Cedar season in Austin, TX.

Be Aware of High Pollen Days!

Newcomers to Central Texas are often surprised by two things in Austin, TX- the amazing natural beauty, and their unfavorable reaction to it! While breathing in some Cedar pollen is unavoidable this time of year, you can decrease your time outdoors by monitoring the local weather forecast. Most news/weather sites also report on the pollen forecast. On high pollen count days allergy sufferers should limit their time outdoors.

Keep the Outdoors Outside!

Allergy sufferers during Cedar season should do their best to keep the outdoors out of their house. Central Texas citizens who suffer from Cedar allergies should remove their shoes before entering their home, or at least before they walk onto any carpeted areas. Pollen can cling to carpet and cause ongoing issues. Severe allergies may even warrant changing clothes once you get home to keep Cedar pollen off of furniture.

Get Your Air Ducts Cleaned!

Your home should be a refuge from pollen during Cedar season. If you don’t change your air filters out and get your air ducts cleaned regularly you might as well be living outside! Changing your air filter out as spring time begins is a great idea. You should also contact an HVAC professional and have your air ducts cleaned thoroughly.

If you can’t remember you had your air ducts cleaned call (512) 969-8281 and let Trustworthy Service Company help make your Cedar season more tolerable.