Ways To Keep Your Gutter Clean

Gutter Clean-from-Trustworthy-ServicesAs most homeowners know, debris overtime can clog your gutters and tear away from your house, causing damage to your foundation and surrounding sidewalks. But, do you know how often you should check to keep your gutter clean? Chances are, it’s not enough.

Here are some helpful hints to ensure your house stays up-to-par and damage free with a gutter clean:

  • A good gutter clean is recommended twice a year
  • Depending on how many trees are near, you may need to gutter clean up to four times a year
  • Seamless gutters are recommended for quality, as well as using hidden hangers
  • Ask Trustworthy Service Company for additional services to make your gutters watertight
  • Clean your gutters after a big storm – leaves and debris can fly and get entrapped in the system

Do you live near a wooded area? That matters. Where there are more trees, there is a greater need to clean out your gutter system – more than twice a year.

Remember, a properly installed gutter, depending on the material used, should last the homeowner anywhere between 20-40 years. Regular maintenance and cleaning can optimize the lifespan for several years, saving you money and time.

If you can’t remember you had your gutters cleaned, call us at (512) 969-8281 and let Trustworthy Service Company help make your house more tolerable.